Save a Search

What is saving a search?

Sometimes when you search our catalog for a title, you find out we don't have it, and you may recommend it for the library using our Purchase Suggestion Form. Or sometimes there's a topic, author, musician, etc. that you're so interested in, you would like to know whenever we get new items related to them. Saving a search means we'll notify you when we get these items, so you can be among the first to place a hold request.  

Creating a saved search

  1. Search the catalog.
  2. On the search results page, click the blue Save Search button in the upper left.
  3. Enter your library card number and password.
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Enter a name for your saved search (such as "Documentary Films").
  6. Uncheck the box next to Email if no results (if you leave this box checked, you will receive emails every week, whether there is news or not).
  7. Click Save Search.

If items that meet your search criteria are added to catalog, you will be notified. Then you can place a hold request. You can delete a saved search when you no longer need it. 

How do I delete a saved search?

  1. Log in to your library account.
  2. Click Saved Searches.
  3. Click the box next to the saved search you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete Selected Search.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete that saved search.