Post Bail

The following tips can help you post bail for an inmate in custody at Lane County or Springfield Municipal jails: 

  • Police Records will take payment of bail on Eugene Municipal charges only, and only when court is closed. 
  • Bail may be paid with cash, Visa, or MasterCard.
  • Checks or second party credit cards will not be accepted for payment of bail.
  • Bail may be paid over the telephone.
  • A bail receipt will be provided with court date and time,indicating if court appearance is mandatory or optional.
  • An assignment of bail form will be offered. Completing this form allows refunds to the individual posting bail. Refund of bail money is unlikely.
  • Inmates are housed at either the Lane County Jail (101 W 5th St, Eugene) or the Springfield Municipal Jail (344 A St, Springfield)
  • Upon receipt of completed bail paperwork at the jail, it takes 45 minutes to an hour for an inmate to be released.

Inmate Information

Lane County Adult Corrections provides current inmate information including visitation rules, bookings and releases.