Wastewater Systems Cleaning


Wastewater Systems Cleaning The City of Eugene operates and maintains over 800 miles of sanitary sewer lines. Eugene’s wastewater system is routinely cleaned to prevent blockages, potential overflows, and to keep the system functioning properly. Normal sewer cleaning is done year round by inserting a high pressure cleaning hose with a nozzle or root cutting attachment.

Access to some of our sewer lines is restricted or limited when manholes are in ravines or easements in back yards. In these cases the hose must be pulled by hand through back yards or up and down steep hills - hence the term "pull-in." The City started the easement cleaning or "pull-in" program in 1994. 

Approximately 2,000 line segments, or 65 miles of main line, have been identified under the program. Crews do routine maintenance of these sewer lines in the summer to minimize damage to landscapes and yards. The pull-in program is an important maintenance activity because it prevents blockages and potential overflows. The program has been very effective in reducing after hours call outs since its inception.

Cross-section View of Typical Wastewater Collection System

Wastewater Collection System Graphic