Closed Circuit TV Inspection Program

CCTV unit

The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection Program plays a major role in viewing, recording and assessing the City’s 810 miles of wastewater sewer lines. It also supports the stormwater section which includes 600 miles of pipe systems.

The City operates two fully equipped CCTV inspection step vans. Trained operators place small robot-like cameras on wheels into underground sewer mains via manholes or cleanout accesses. These cameras are self-propelled and are equipped with adjustable hi-power lights and lenses which rotate to effectively view the walls of the pipes and service connections. These features greatly improve visibility and facilitate accurate assessments.

CCTV Workers


Recent equipment upgrades converted the system to digital format, allowing enhanced multi viewer access and improved data storage. Data from this program is stored in the City’s inventory management system. Following the data review, findings are integrated into the City’s cleaning/root removal, line repair or capital improvement programs as determined.