Fire Protection Systems

Water Valves

Types of Systems

The Fire Marshal's Office (FMO) tracks the required maintenance and needed repairs of over 10,000 different fire protection systems. The system categories range from fire suppression sprinklers to advanced detection systems. Included are fire hydrants on private property and fire escapes installed on the outside of older buildings. Our local Fire Code requires that system maintenance reports be kept on the premises and that the service provider forward a copy to our office within 30 days of the inspection. FMO staff review the reports and when necessary, make site inspections to clarify noted deficiencies and require repairs.

Fire Prevention Water Valves in Cement BunkerBenefits of Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems are value added commodities in the world of fire prevention. Having technology built into the building provides quicker notification of a problem and the ability to suppress a fire until firefighters can arrive to assess the situation and extinguish any remaining fire if necessary. Accordingly, system information is entered into the database once the building has been completed and the owners are granted a Certificate of Occupancy. All fire protection systems have a mandated maintenance cycle which can be found in the appropriate national Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard. Details for conducting the maintenance can also be found in those standards.