Budget Committee

Budget Committee Recruitment Open

The city is currently accepting applications for three community members of the Budget Committee. Terms are four years long, and will begin on July 1, 2024. To be eligible, a candidate must reside within city limits. All application materials must be received by Wednesday, January 31st via this link: https://ceapps.eugene-or.gov/csboardapplicants/ 

Budget Committee Members

The Budget Committee is composed of an equal number of City Council members (8) and appointed citizen members (8).

City Council Members

  • Emily Semple
  • Matt Keating
  • Alan Zelenka
  • Jennifer Yeh
  • Mike Clark
  • Greg Evans
  • Randy Groves
  • Lyndsie Leech

Citizen Members (term expires)

  • Tai Pruce-Zimmerman, Chair (6/30/25)
  • Eliza Kashinsky, Vice-Chair (6/30/24)
  • Ryan Kounovsky (6/30/25)
  • Siobhan Cancel (6/30/25)
  • Rayna Jackson (6/30/24)
  • Ryan Moore (6/30/26)
  • Zach Mulholland (6/30/26)
  • Jesse Maldonado (6/30/24)

Budget Committee Meeting Materials

Agendas & Meeting Packets

Access agendas, meeting packets and handouts from City of Eugene Budget meetings.
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The Budget Committee is a standing committee that reviews the proposed operating and capital budget each fiscal year and makes a recommendation on the budget to the City Council for final enactment.

The Budget Committee reviews the City’s annual budget in accordance with Oregon’s Local Budget Law and Oregon Administrative Rules. The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council on the annual budget, the Financial Management Goals and Policies, and on specific issues as directed by the Council. Budget Committee may also meet to discuss updates to long-range financial plans and policies.

A Citizen Subcommittee comprised of appointed Budget Committee members also meets to review performance measures and service profiles for City services in the fall of each year. Throughout the fiscal year, the City Council may ask the citizen members of the Committee to study particular financial issues facing the City and develop recommendations for the Council. On a biennial basis, the Budget Committee also reviews and makes recommendations to the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Public Comments and Testimony

Public comment is an important component of the Budget Committee meetings. At most Budget Committee meetings, a period of time is set aside for public comment, and each speaker usually has up to three minutes to share his or her views on the budget. A Budget Committee public hearing is also held before the budget is approved.

How to Provide Comment or Testify

  1. Send a written statement addressed to the Budget Committee to: City of Eugene Finance Division
    100 W 10th Avenue, Suite 400
    Eugene, OR 97401
  2. Send your testimony via online form.
  3. Speak to the Budget Committee or the City Council at the public comment times or at public hearings.

If you have any questions or need more information on the Budget Committee work, please contact the Finance staff email or by phone at 541-682-5512, or review our tips on how to testify before the Budget Committee.

Citizen representation on the Budget Committee is an important part of the local government budgeting in Oregon. Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS 294) require that citizen representatives participate in the review of the budget and approve the property taxes that are needed to balance the budget.

Citizen members of the Budget Committee are appointed for terms of three years by the City Council; appointed Committee members may apply for and be reappointed to a second three-year term. If you would like to apply for an open Budget Committee seat, please visit the City of Eugene Boards and Commissions site. The recruitment process normally takes place in January - March of every year, with the terms starting July 1.