Greening Ongoing Operations

Green Practices

Ways in which we are operating buildings in a greener manner are:

  • Making green normal - In the course of our daily work repairing and maintaining over 300 buildings large and small; our technicians often replace equipment that uses energy. They understand that efficiency is important, so they already know which efficient light bulb, motor or window to choose if the need arises.
  • Keeping efficiency important - Monthly tracking of energy and water use shows us when there are issues that need attention. In one case, we saw that electricity use at a parking garage suddenly increased. When we investigated we found that a broken photocell was keeping unnecessary lights on during the day.
  • Proactive maintenance - There are a lot of reasons to keep equipment in good condition and, when it’s worn out, replace it before it fails. We use a computerized maintenance management system to plan and track our efforts so we get the longest life, best operation and highest efficiency out of our equipment.
  • Cleaning Greenly - We’ve chosen cleaners that are based on hydrogen peroxide. After doing their job, these cleaners degrade into just water and oxygen.
  • Using better stuff - We buy a lot of paper products for our 79 restrooms. The paper towels and toilet paper in restrooms all contain 100% recycled content.