Lab Disciplines

Latent Fingerprints

  • Latent print processing / enhancement – chemical, fluorescence, dye stain, powders
  • Latent print comparisons
  • AFIS – database search and registration (WIN, California DOJ, WSP, KCSO)
  • IAFIS – FBI Criminal database search
  • NCIC fingerprint classification for arrest warrants

Surveillance Video Enhancement

The processing includes, demultiplexing, magnification, video clarification, NTSC underscan viewing, file hashing, frames per second, time correction (speed), height reconstruction and still images.

Crime Scene Investigations / Reconstruction

  • Crime scene documentation, photography (videography) and diagrams
  • Bloodstain pattern interpretation
  • Bullet flight trajectory determination
  • Physical evidence preservation / collection including but not limited to: trace evidence, blood enhancement, physical evidence, biological samples, tool mark casting, latent prints, footwear print enhancement and footwear / tire track casting.

Trace Evidence

  • Microscopic examination for trace evidence
  • FLS, UV and IR examination for trace evidence / enhancement
  • Firearm Functionality Test Fire
  • Serial Number Restoration – chemical and physical restoration techniques
  • Serology
  • Test for presence of blood and enhancement
  • Qualitative Blood Species (Human-primate vs. Non-Human)

Photography / Computer Imaging Capabilities

  • Bruise photography – injury documentation
  • IR / UV photography
  • Alternate (Wavelength) Light Source photography
  • Digital Imaging Processing
  • CAD crime scene diagrams
  • Digital macro / microscopic photography
  • 360 panorama crime scene photography (CS reconstruction – court presentation)
  • Digital image storage (server and archiving)
  • Digital images written to DVD, proof sheets, and enlargements up to 16" by 24"


  • Author opinion reports and testify as expert witnesses on results of examinations and analysis.
  • Assist DA with case preparation / evidence preparation and cross examination of defense experts
  • DPSST Certified Instructors for Recruits, Reserves, Citizen Academy and Monthly Training classes – Crime Scene Investigation, Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation, Police Photography, Fingerprints, Physical Evidence and Forensics
  • The FEU regularly assists investigators at other agencies by performing some forensics work those agencies cannot do themselves.
  • Evidence requiring controlled substance analysis, ballistics testing or DNA analysis must be sent to the Oregon State Police.

All work conducted by Forensic Evidence Unit (FEU) staff whether carried out at the laboratory’s permanent facilities, at sites away from its permanent facilities, or in associated temporary or mobile facilities are subject to the policies and procedures found in the laboratory management system and are conducted under the authority of the Eugene Police Department. FEU staff will determine the appropriate processes/procedures to conduct based on their training, experience and related case information.