Partners in Education

The City of Eugene invests in our community by partnering with local education institutions, nonprofits, and community groups to promote waste prevention and resource conservation for residents of all ages. The following organizations listed below receive City funding to provide services to Eugene residents.

Highlights include: 

Waste Prevention and Composting Education and Resources

WP Ed materialsCity Waste Prevention staff partnered with Lane County Waste Management and both Eugene school districts to create bilingual recycling  and residential food waste program information for distribution to student households .  These materials, in the form of refrigerator magnets, reusable produce bags, and more, align with existing waste prevention curriculum in local schools and highlight City programs, such as Eugene’s curbside recycling and residential food waste collection services.  

Eugene 4J and Bethel School District Support

earth day activities

In 2022-23,  educators in both districts worked to provide waste prevention and composting education, and  environmental education webpages and other resources for students and teachers.  

2022-2023 Partners in Education Report can be accessed here.

Final report-out of Bethel waste prevention and composting education activities can be accessed here for the most recent school year.

Final report-out of 4j waste prevention and composting education activities can be accessed here for the most recent school year.

Operational assistance for schools through the Love Food Not Waste (LFNW) program is also available:  download the LFNW school training manual.

Waste Prevention and science based conservation including STEM learning resources can be found here at 4J’s EWEB Education Partnership website!

School Garden Project of Lane County

Garden lesson SGP

During the 2022-23 school year, School Garden Project  (SGP) provided a variety of online and in person garden-based STEM instruction for students in 13 Bethel and 4J schools. 

 in 2022-23 School Garden Project also launched an educational summer program  and developed and delivered a new lesson , “Composting is Fun” delivered via Boys and Girls club summer programming in which 128 children participated.

View videos of SGP’s work which are available on their YouTube channel.

Highlights of SGP’s work (PDF download) are also available.

OSU Extension Services

Compost Specialists getting feedstocks ready for demonstration video

Did you know that over 52% of Eugene households backyard compost?

OSU Extension in Lane County provides free compost demonstrations for community members at a variety of sites in Eugene.

View the compost demonstration schedule (downloadable PDF) to learn how to get your own compost system up and running!