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FitCity TV brings you the Healthy Bytes program. This video-on-demand (VOD) program will provide you with the latest information on health, fitness, wellness, stress reduction, and nutrition. Served up in small 60 second "bytes" that you can easily digest, then get on with your day. Just enough to take your hunger away...but not enough to fill you up!

Episode 1:

Keep your lower back healthy and functioning
Episode 2:
Deep breathing - are you blowing
 hot air or does this really make a difference?

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Episode 3:

Stretches in the workplace
Episode 4:
5 nutrients you need everyday 
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Episode 5:
Stress Buster Tip #1
Simple Strategies to Reduce Stress
Episode 6:
The Truth About Exercise and Your Weight
Episode 7:
Strengthening the Core and Lower Back
Episode 8:
tress Busters Tip #2
Episode 9:
8 things you can do today to boost your health
Episode 10:
Healthy ways to get protein from plant sources
Episode 11:
Top 20 Worldwide Fitness Trends for 2014 How well does the City of Eugene’s Health & Fitness Program stack up?
Episode 12:
The very best vegetables you can eat for your body
Episode 13:
Strength training --how important is it for you?
Episode 14:
How to start up the treadmill for safety