Traffic Operations

Welcome to Traffic Operations

The Public Works Maintenance Division, Traffic Operations crew is responsible for maintaining more than 6,300 roadway legend markings, 240 traffic signals, 30,000 traffic signs and 10,000 street lights across streets, alleys and bike paths for the City of Eugene, Lane County and Oregon Department of Transportation roads within the City’s boundary.

All transportation signage, street name signs and street lights, as well as pavement markings, are maintained by Traffic Operations staff. In 2011 staff began to convert traffic signal lamps to LED to reduce energy costs and improve longevity of the lights. Conversion to LED traffic signal lamps will be completed in 2015 and all pedestrian signals will be upgraded by 2018.

Annual Signage

Annually, approximately 2,700 regulatory signs are repaired and more than 1,000 street name signs and 400 other signs are replaced. Staff also repairs an average of 660 street lights on residential streets, arterials and numerous bike paths and replaced over 850 lights throughout the City. Staff makes nearly 1,000 repair calls and more than 500 inspections of traffic signals during a given year. More than 225 miles of pavement are re-striped annually.


The public may request the following services from Traffic Operations: