City Watch

City Watch

City Watch is a program best described as "Neighborhood Watch for businesses." It encourages those with employees and vehicles "out in the community," to become active partners with the Eugene Police Department. After some basic training during a presentation at your location, participants will assist EPD by being additional "eyes and ears" on the street, with a focus on recognizing and reporting suspicious and criminal activity. Upon request, some basic De-Escalation and personal safety concepts are incorporated into the presentation. 

Program guidelines include:

  • Always keep yourself safe
  • Learn how to recognize suspicious and criminal behavior
  • Record and report as much detail as quickly and as safely as you can
  • Support police and other emergency responders by being a "good witness"

To report crimes and suspicious activity:

  • For emergency, call 911
  • For non-emergency, call 541-682-5111
  • To report crime and suspicious activity online: Report A Crime

If you have questions, or you would like a presentation at your workplace, please contact your Community Engagement Team Specialist, by putting your address into the search tool on our page here, which will help you determine what Beat your address is in: