Hate and Bias Report

In alignment with the City Council goal of creating a Safe Community, the City is committed to working with community partners to reach the vision of promoting a community where every person, regardless of their identity, is safe, valued, and welcome.

According to the City of Eugene’s Hate and Bias Incident Response Plan, the Office of Equity and Community Engagement (OECE) is responsible for collecting statistical information on both criminal and non-criminal hate and bias activity and providing victim support and community response to hate and bias activity in Eugene. EPD takes reports and investigates criminal activity.

According to the 2019 Department of Justice Hate Crime Victimization Survey, it was estimated that nationally only 44% of hate crimes are reported to police. Given this information, it is likely that the hate and bias incidents reported in Eugene represent only a fraction of the actual activity that is occurring. Through our efforts, we are now capturing a larger percentage of the activity occurring in Eugene than before. As the climate surrounding hate and bias activity evolves, OECE works to prepare community members with resources and skills for addressing hate and bias when it occurs close to home. The annual report of hate and bias activity helps the city understand the scope of the problem and respond to it accordingly.

Support from community organizations

Eugene has many organizations committed to building and sustaining a community that is welcoming and inclusive for every person living here. Several of those organizations joined in solidarity with the people and communities who have experienced hate, bias or discrimination in our city in a unified voice to say that hate will not be tolerated here. A letter in support of the City of Eugene work to track and respond to hate and bias activity has been signed and distributed by over 30 organizations. Click here to see the letter and the organizations that signed it or here for a version of that letter in Spanish. Starting with the 2020 report, a list of community organizations that have expressed support for combating hate and bias activity in Eugene has been included in the annual report.