Topic Areas

The Neighborhood Plan focuses on the Topic Areas of Economic Development, Transportation, Parks and Natural Resources, Land Use, and Community. To reflect the community values, aspirations and priorities expressed during outreach, each Topic Area includes:

  • Vision statements which are aspirational descriptions of the community’s best outcome for how the neighborhood will look, feel and function 20 years and more into the future.
  • Goals that translate the vision, describing hopes for the future on a particular idea.
  • Policies that will be formally adopted by the City of Eugene and Lane County to provide a consistent course of action and move the community toward attainment of its goals.
  • Actions which are possible strategies identified by the community, captured in the Action Plan, to implement the adopted policies over time and will require ongoing advocacy and continued coordination between various partners.

Find the vision statements, goals, and policies for each Topic Area in the Neighborhood Plan and actions in the Action Plan. To get an overview of each Topic Area and related resources, click on the tabs below.

  1. Economic Development
  2. Transportation
  3. Parks and Natural Resrouces
  4. Land Use
  5. Community

Vegetables at MarketThe community vision for economic development includes the creation and growth of local businesses, redevelopment that promotes walkability and increases access to daily needs, and availability of more living wage employment opportunities within the neighborhoods. The Neighborhood Plan policies focus on incentives for local businesses, supporting redevelopment that fosters active mixed-use centers, and encouraging neighborhood-scale businesses in residentially zoned areas.

While economic development changes won’t occur overnight, adopted policies provide a framework for promoting current resources for local businesses, encouraging community organization efforts to create a business network, and supporting businesses that utilize neighborhood assets.