Land Use Designation Map


A land use designation map shows land use designations that ideally depict the city's long-term vision, guided by Comprehensive Plan policies, of how and where a city will grow and change over the next 20 years to accommodate expected population and job growth. The Metro Plan Diagram currently serves as Eugene’s Comprehensive Plan map. The current adopted map is only accurate at an 11x17-inch scale, which makes it difficult to determine land use designations for many properties and creates uncertainty for property owners, developers, decision-makers and the community leading to more time, cost and delay for development.

The work to complete and adopt the Envision Eugene Comprehensive Plan includes creating a parcel-specific Land Use Designation Map for all land within Eugene’s Urban Growth Boundary. This project will clarify land use designations shown on the Metro Plan Diagram to improve the accuracy of the map at the individual property level. The new parcel-specific map will provide more clarity about how land can be developed in the future and would make it easier to monitor our buildable land supply and development trends.