About Us

Cultural Services provides responsible and catalytic leadership to support the public’s vision for a thriving arts and cultural sector that contributes to the community’s social and economic well-being.

  1. Community Events
  2. Art in Public Places
  3. Hult Center

Community Events

Community Events mission is to bring fun, accessible, and relevant arts and culture programs to all residents in our community.

Annually, community events collaborates with more than 50 local community groups and artists and serves over 9,000 residents. For information visit eugene-or.gov/communityevents

Downtown revitalization includes a welcome influx of businesses to the downtown core. The Community Events and Public Art Programs partner with Downtown Merchants to bring opportunities to connect, create and be entertained. Follow eugene-or.gov/communityevents for more details.

Need assistance to organize your own event?

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Community Programs Mission Vision graphic separatorCultural Services Community Programs 

provides thoughtful leadership that cultivates a vibrant, creative + resilient community through artistic and collaborative experiences.

Creativity is essential to recovery

We champion the role of creative workers to rebuild, reimagine, unify and heal our community.

The city is a stage, studio + playground

We strive to integrate creativity into the daily Eugene experience and allow for multiple points of entry.

We honor each other

Cultural heritage is uplifted + honored through representation, resources, access and opportunities.

Co-creating is empowering

We consult, involve and collaborate with artists + cultural producers to cultivate a healthy and inclusive arts ecosystem.Community Programs Mission Vision graphic separator