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man sitting a bench looking at delta ponds

With over 5,000 acres of open space, Parks and Open Space is the communities leading provider of green space and outdoor recreation. Donations to Eugene’s parks help to enhance, expand, and preserve our world-class outdoor spaces, an essential component of what makes Eugene a great city to live in and visit.

Donations and support that can make a great impact on the well-being of the park and open space system include bench and other memorial donations, sponsorship of park assets, support of volunteer programs and services, and estate planning bequests.

Complete the Parks Donation Inquiry Form to be contacted by staff to discuss how you can support Eugene’s Parks and Open Space system.

Charitable contributions to the City of Eugene Parks and Open Space division may be tax-deductible per IRS Publication 526.

Donation Policies

  1. Commemorative Benches
  2. Parks Foundation
  3. Volunteer With Us

standard park bench

A commemorative park bench within the Parks and Open Space system is a beautiful way to honor your significant loved ones for all park patrons to enjoy. Your generous contribution supports Parks while also enhancing the park itself and leaving a lasting memory.

Parks and Open Space will work with you to choose your park or natural area location, identify the perfect on-site spot for installation, and craft a special inscribed bronze plaque message. 

*Benches are not currently available in the following locations:

  • Owen Rose Garden
  • Hendricks Park Rhododendron Garden

If you are interested in a commemorative park bench, please fill out this short inquiry form.