Therapy Dogs at EUG

In Memory of Quiiley

Quiiley was the airport’s 150 lb, 7-year-old Irish Wolfhound. He had been a therapy dog for six years, visiting at a variety of places. He was especially fond of children, babies and loved his owner, Betsy.  

Quiiley was a two-time national champion lure courser who loved to run!

He was a huge part of the airport and was known by many of our airport staff, tenants, and passengers.

Quiiley will be missed.

In Memory of Quiiley


Ozzy is a six-year-old English Labrador Retriever.  When he is not play with his favorite toy ball or floating water retriever, Ozzy is a lover all foods.  Ozzy has been a therapy dog for approximately four years.  

Ozzy - Therapy dog at Eugene Airport


Emmi became certified as a Therapy Dog and did her first official visit in September of 2021. Prior to this, she was the unofficial Therapy Dog at her Mom’s work. Emmi loves to interact with people and shows it by smiling. She loves to be pet and loves to provide comfort when someone is having a hard time. Emmi lives with her mom, dad and four cat siblings. In her leisure time, Emmi loves going to the beach, hiking, walking, swimming and playing fetch.



Rocco is a 10 year old lab mix who loves his daily walks, car rides, chasing shadows, and rolling in the dirt much to his human parents' dismay.  While he is new to therapy dog work, we think he will really enjoy it because he loves saying hi to everyone.  



Skizziks is a five-year-old rescued Borador (Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix).  He has been involved with FETCH and the Alliance of Therapy Dogs for three years.  Skizziks loves frozen Kongs filled with yogurt and peanut butter and loves playing ball with his dog best friend Bandit.

Skizziks - Therapy dog at Eugene Airport


A member of FETCH and the Allegiance of Therapy Dogs since 2015, Tanner is an eleven-year-old Terrier/Chihuahua mix.  When Tanner is not providing comfort to those getting ready to fly or in the hospital, you can find all ten pounds of him curled up on people’s laps.

Tanner - Therapy dog at Eugene Airport

Prim and Milo

Prim is an 8 year old Beagle, Lab, Cocker Spaniel mix. She was a  stray who found us around 1-2 years old. Prim  she is equally happy to be a couch potato or go on adventures.  She is the world’s most awkward snuggler despite loving affection more than most things in life.  
Milo is an 11 year old Dachshund, Husky, Shepherd mix. He  was adopted from a shelter in Mississippi when he was about 1. 
 His favorite toys are brand new crinkly or squeaky toys. Milo also loves reeling humans in for pets with his “Romeo eyes”.

Photo of Milo and Prim therapy dogs

Jiminy the Pug

Jiminy is a 7 year old pug who loves people, cuddling, soft pillow and earlobes. Tricks are his favorite way to entertain people and get treats.  He loves any snack that Mom will let him have and has an affinity for toys that don't belong to him. Jiminy has been a therapy dog since 2016. He participates in Agility and Obedience at Pug Nationals, where Jiminy has everything figured out, but is still training his handler. 

Photo fof Jiminy the Pug

Sammy the Pug

Sammy loves people more than anything! He has a great smile and when he's happy he wags his entire body. He likes to watch TV and  thinks it just has so many things that need to be barked at.
Sammy has been a therapy dog since 2014 and participates in Agility and Obedience at Pug Nationals.


F.E.T.C.H (Friends Eager to Come Help) is a local volunteer therapy dog group serving Eugene/Springfield and other Lane county areas.    We are all registered members of the national organization of Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD).  

Specializing in bringing smiles and joy to others, F.E.T.C.H. was formed in late 2001 to offer therapy dogs teams an opportunity to visit as a group.  The program visits assisted living and memory care facilities, the Riverbend hospital, the U of O, various high schools, the Jasper Safe house, mental health facilities, anywhere people could use a little doggy love and understanding.   


In 2019, twelve teams started visiting the Eugene Airport.  The Airport team can:

  • Help calm nerves if travelers have anxiety about flying
  • Lift heavy hearts if you’re traveling to due to the recent loss of a loved one
  • Provide a few minutes of entertainment and education for children
  • Provide an excuse to look up from your smartphones and smile
  • And getting to know local and out of town travelers! 

So next time you see F.E.T.C.H - in green vests with the dogs wandering around, wave and the dogs will come on by to say hi!  

The F.E.T.C.H Airport team look forward to seeing you the next time you FLY EUG!

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