Patti Lomont

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Patti Lomont

Ode to Beverly, 2021

Ceramic, 1818 violin, antique clock pendulum, 30 x 11 x 7.5 in


On display at the Gallery at the Airport

Artist Bio

I have been an artist and musician since I was a young girl. I studied Fine Arts and Art Education at the Universities of Illinois and Oregon, and I received a degree in art education with minors in music and anthropology. Teaching art for four years in public schools was both challenging and inspiring. For many years, I traveled up and down the West Coast selling my art glass at shows and galleries. I have also worked for many non-profit organizations in arts administration, including Aurora Glass, Oregon Crafted, Oregon Arts Alliance and the Oregon Bach Festival. I have had the pleasure to study with many fine ceramic sculptors over the last ten years. I am now in a luxurious time in my life where I get to create my art fulltime.

Artist Statement

Working with clay, fabric, musical instrument parts, metal, wood and glass to create three-dimensional narrative ceramic sculpture is a relatively new medium of expression for me. I have been a glass artist for 30+ years, and in the last ten years have renewed my love of sculpture. Combining a variety of mediums together is a challenging and rewarding pursuit. The magical alchemy of applying heat to clay and glass holds many surprises. This sense of being in control and out of control leads me on a lifetime of exploration. Many of my pieces are inspired by my dream life. "Ode to Beverly" is in memory of my dear friend and artist, Beverly Soasey. The 200-year-old violin and antique clock pendulum were gifts from her. This piece is my gift to her.

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