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Campbell Community Center - Percent for Art

Goldlust Germond Trike Wall Panel

Description of Installation

Installed 2021

Camas Kaleidoscope consists of multiple artworks throughout the Campbell Community Center entryway plaza. The artwork consists of three wall panels, two stainless kinetic elements and three stainless concrete inlay images. The pieces are linked together visually through a shared vocabulary of whimsically illustrative imagery, celebrating Eugene’s historic legacy of free-spirited arts and culture.


Campbell Community Center opened in 1964, making it one of the oldest senior centers on the West Coast. Campbell has between 250-300 people come through its doors every day, and Eugene Rec offers classes, activities, weekly social groups, presentations, support groups and special events for area adults and seniors. The lobby is a popular meeting place along the beautiful Ruth Bascom Riverbank Path System in Skinner Butte Park.

In May 2018 Eugene Voters supported a $39 million bond and $3.15 million levy to support Eugene Parks and Rec. The 2018 bond included $5 million to renovate and expand Campbell and add a health and wellness component to the building. The scope of work for renovations at the Cambell Community Center included increasing the square footage of the building from 8,000 to 14,500 sq feet, which includes a new addition with a great room, enclosed courtyard with security fence, fitness classrooms, renovated lobby area, and increased light in the interior of the building.

The percent for art process is triggered when any building, park, mall, or other capital construction project (but not including streets, alleys, bicycle paths, and other public thoroughfares) constructed, remodeled, or purchased by the city which construction, remodeling or purchasing involves the expenditure of more than $50,000.

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Goldlust Germond Entry wall panel

Artist Statement on Project 

CAMAS KALEIDOSCOPE is an expansive metalwork installation that weaves through all of Campbell Community Center’s newly redesigned courtyard spaces. These interrelated art elements include wall reliefs, kinetic sculptures, and concrete inlay work. The pieces are linked together visually through a shared vocabulary of whimsically illustrative imagery, celebrating Eugene’s historic legacy of free-spirited arts and culture.

The artwork celebrates several aspects of the Center’s identity. Campbell’s location on a rare plot of preserved camas prairie is reflected in images of local flora and fauna. These are intermingled with concrete references to the vital day-to-day activities that go on at the community center. Swirling fields of playfully psychedelic imagery are knitted together within a latticework of ornate, paisley linework, welcoming visitors to the Campbell Center. 

Goldlust Germond woodshop wall panel

Artist Bio

Pete and his wife and collaborator, Melanie Germond, and their two sons live in Eugene, Oregon.

Since receiving his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, Pete has exhibited widely, including solo shows in Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as international exposure. His work has been featured in publications ranging from Art in America to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, and from Elle Belgium to Raising Arizona Kids.

Pete’s recent artistic activities have centered on public art. He has been awarded 25+ public commissions, including sculpture, relief, and mural work. These have included work in a broad range of media: concrete, waterjet/laser-cut steel, terrazzo, painted murals, window glass treatments, wall graphics, and sculptural work with recycled plastics, textiles, and other materials.

Pete is actively involved in building educational and arts opportunities for youth. Prior to relocating to the northwest, Pete served as Executive Director of Central School Project, a regional arts nonprofit in the underserved border region of southeastern Arizona. He was a co-founder and Board President of the first licensed Montessori preschool in the area. Melanie and Pete currently work together to volunteer-teach art at Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School in Eugene.

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