Renter Protections Process

Renter Protections in the City of Eugene 

The City of Eugene is engaging in a multi-phase  process to review and potentially update renter protections.  Renter protections are broadly defined and include programs like the City’s Rental Housing Code program, which regulates rental properties in the city by creating minimum habitability standards. Renter protections can also include anti-discrimination protections like the ones found in Eugene’s Human Rights Code.   They can even include rent stabilization and limitations on no-cause evictions like those found in SB  608 (2019).

Phase I

In July 2022, City Council voted to approve an ordinance and adopted  Phase I of the Renter Protections Roadmap

Phase I of Renter Protections requires that the City provide documentation and information for tenants and landlords. Those documents can be found at

For more details about the Phase I ordinance and process, please see below.

Phase II

On October 24, 2022, Council will hold a work session on Renter Protections Phase II. The three items included in Phase II are: 

  • Limit security deposits 
  • Require first-come, first-served application processing
  • Displacement Prevention Assistance

Phase II Focus Groups

The City of Eugene held two small group input sessions on Renter Protections Phase II on Sept. 30, 2022. One group consisted of tenants and tenant advocates, and one group consisted of landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals. Facilitation was provided by Cogito, a public involvement firm based in Eugene. Hosted online, the purpose of the 1.5-hour meetings were to listen for feedback on Phase II components being researched. The majority of the feedback requested was on Displacement Prevention/Relocation Assistance components, using Portland as an example because it recently implemented a detailed program. Notes from each listening session can be found here.

Phase III

Council has directed staff to come back with more information on Renter Protections Phase III by March 2023.

To provide comment or be included in the Renter Protection interested parties email list, please email

  1. Phase I Renter Protections
  2. FAQ's
  3. Renter Protections Committee 2019-2021
  4. 2017 - 2019 Renter Protection Work 

On July 11, 2022, City Council passed Ordinance 20670 adopting Renter Protections Phase I. Watch the July 11, 2022 session and Review the Agenda Item Summary and Council Materials.  On August 13, 2022, Ordinance 20670  went into effect and is enforceable.  

Phase I Protections Include:

1. Support Services.  Fund a rental housing navigator position; expansion and management of rental housing data collection; code enforcement of the protections; and other tenant support services, such as a tenant hotline and eviction diversion; all with funds from an increased Rental Housing Code door fee.  The rental housing navigator will support renters and landlords, and also assist with solutions and support for a) ex-offenders and other classes of people with similar challenges struggling to qualify for rental housing, and b) community members who need ADA compliant units. 

2. Move-in/out documentation.  Require landlords to itemize and photo document property condition at move-in and move-out, and to itemize and photo document withholdings from security deposit.  The tenant shall receive copies. 

3. Rental History.  Require landlord, at tenant written request, to provide rental history (reference) for a tenant who has not yet given notice. Reference Form HERE.

4. Information on Renters’ Rights/Landlords’ Obligations.  Require landlords to distribute, together with any written rental agreement, an educational document describing Senate Bill 608 with regard to terminations.  The City will be responsible for creating, updating, and posting the educational material.  Any local renter protections will be included plus information about the rental housing code program.

5.  Cap application and screening fees at $10: Require landlords to charge no more than a set application and screening fee to potential tenants.

Phase I Process:

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