American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

In 2021, the City of Eugene received State and Federal grant funding originating from the American Rescue Plan Act. The bill established the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Program (CSLFR) helping local governments recover from the economic and health effects of the pandemic. The City received funding in three ways: Direct allocation, State Subawards, and Federal sources.

  1. ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery
  2. State ARPA
  3. Federal ARPA

American Rescue Plan Act Projects from City of Eugene on Vimeo.

On March 11, 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 into law. The $1.9 trillion package is intended to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including the public health and economic impacts. The ARPA created the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Program (CSLFRF) delivering $350 billion to cover increased expenditures, lost revenues, and public sector relief. The City of Eugene received an allocation of $35,908,036 in CSLFR funding in two phases of $17, 954,018, with the first phase received on June 1, 2021 and the second phase on June 1, 2022. 

Phase 1 ProjectsPhase 1 projects, For explanation of pie chart refer to table at bottom of this section

Early Investments

$300,000: Boys and Girls Club Building Stabilization 

$300,000: Strategic planning and community engagement for annual budget development.

$250,000: Network security and modernization of infrastructure.

$200,000: Feasibility study of the next phase of merger with Springfield Fire/EMS.

$150,000: Consulting for alternative response services to mental health crisis and homelessness.

$120,000: Temporary employee to provide project management of ARPA and coordination of state and federal grant applications.

$150,000: Community broadband consulting to support future planning and development.

$2,287,000: Covers City fees needed to support new affordable housing developments in collaboration with housing service agencies.

Financial Stability 

$1,000,000: Repair of Overpark elevators & safety improvements.

$600,000: Roosevelt yard facilities sheathing replacement & new roof installation.

$314,523 Ambulance Transport Fund and Advanced Life Support service.

$50,000:  Tree planting at Chase Commons Park, Hwy 99 corridor, and downtown core

$1,000,000: Supports keeping fire engine #5 fully operational and staffed at Station 2.

$290,000: Keeps one Basic Life Support Ambulance fully operational and staffed. 

COVID-19 Response

Funding for unbudgeted FY22 operating expenditures associated with COVID-19 pandemic.

Unhoused Community Response

Camping Response Coordination and responsiveness to urban camping

Safe Sleep Sites Places for people experiencing homelessness to sleep and connect to services, while reducing the impacts of unsanctioned camping 

River Ave - Navigation Center Operations

Phase 1 downloadable document.

Phase 1 Projects (data only)

Project NameAmount
Early Investment$3.7 M
Financial Stability$3.25 M
COVID-19 Response$390 K
Unhoused Community Response$10.8 M

Phase 2 ProjectsPhase 2 projects, For explanation of pie chart refer to table at bottom of this section

Contributions to Financial Stability

Body Worn Cameras - $1,660,000
Cost to replace cameras, software services, and docking stations.

Financial Resilience -  $300,000
Consulting and services to enhance strategic planning and technical tools for biennial budget process implementations.

Cybersecurity $350,000
Investments in software and cyber infrastructure.

COVID-19 Response - $250,000
Personal protective equipment, virtual meeting equipment and software, and general government operations.

ARPA Coordination - $150,000
Temporary employee to provide project management of direct ARPA funds and coordinate grant applications for state and federal funding.

Alternative Response Implementation - $175,000
Implementation of recommendations to enhance public safety response to mental health crisis and homelessness related issues.

Housing Implementation Pipeline - $150,000
Temporary employee to support project coordination, communication, and project management.

Fire Station Budget Reduction Replacement - $1,000,000
Supports keeping fire engine #5 fully operational and staffed.

Basic Life Support – Ambulance Fund - $290,000
Supports the cost to keep one Basic Life Support Ambulance fully operational and staffed.

Capital Fund Investments

Hult Center Roof - $1,000,000

Library Roof - $375,000

Trainsong Park Renovation - $200,000

MLK Jr. Park Renovation - $200,000

Scobert Gardens Renovation - $200,000

West Bank Park Development - $200,000

Striker Field Development -  $500,000

Mattie Reynolds Park Development - $2,000,000
Planning and community engagement underway in anticipation of park renovations and construction starting in 2024.

Fire Station Roofing - $1,000,000 
Engineering studies and roof replacement at Community Per- forming Arts Center, Library, and Fire Stations.

Unhoused Community Response

Unhoused Community Response - $8,075,000 
General Unhoused Response expenditures Including support for River Ave. Navigation Center operations.

Phase 2 downloadable document.

Phase 2 Projects (data only)

Project NameAmount
Unhoused Community Response$8 M
Capital Funds Projects - Facilities$2.3 M
Capital Funds Projects - Parks$3.3 M
Financial Stability$4.3 M