Wanda Seamster

Wanda Seamster Dodger Retrofit mixed with painting

Wanda Seamster

Dodger Retrofit, 2021

Mixed media with painting, 15 x 10 x 1 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Science illustrator for university environmental institute 1976-2004, Wanda Seamster’s works included the award-winning Anchorage Downtown Historical Walk, NOAA publications and illustrations for the Anchorage Museum. Her fine art can be found in five nonprofit permanent collections, including Alaska’s three largest museums and over 120 private collections. She has exhibited 14 solo exhibitions since 2013, most recently in the City Hall Gallery 2022. Wanda is a member of two art galleries in Lane County. Her art writing includes 3 visual art monographs and UAA visual art database (WorldCat cites).

Artist Statement

“Dodger Retrofit” was a much earlier work that was expanded in 2022 – a fine example of an artist taking mere decades to finally make a drawing work. This piece has smaller, detailed work entailing anthropomorphic themes and unusual juxtaposition.

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