Heather Sterling-Minder

Heather Sterling-Minder Untitled acrylic and water soluble oil

Heather Sterling-Minder

Untitled, 2022

Acrylic and water soluble oil, 30 x 40 x 1 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Heather Sterling-Minder was born in the California Bay Area in 1978, then six years later relocated to the rugged and remote Siskiyou County in northern California, surrounded by the Marble Mountains, Trinity Alps and Russian Wilderness. Such a change in scenery and circumstance greatly influenced her life, bonding her to nature and shaping her inspiration as an artist.

Heather taught herself to oil paint at the age of ten, and eventually earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from Humboldt State University, where she studied life drawing, representational drawing, printmaking, oil painting and metalsmithing. She also had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece, where she studied art history, ceramics and life drawing.

Currently Heather resides in Eugene with her husband and four children. Some of her other hobbies include hiking, gardening, playing the harp and dancing. She offers in-person drawing classes or private lessons locally.

Artist Statement

Through the representation of the human figure, Heather's art depicts dreams, mythology, events or imagined realities, and sometimes symbolizes a wish she has for those represented. With a passion for the beauty of the natural world, she will often venture into scenic outdoor spaces, sometimes with her model, to be fully immersed in the mysticism of such surroundings. When capturing the image of a person, Heather believes that the unique interaction between artist and model, whether family member, friend, or acquaintance, transcends what is of this world within a conventional relationship. Ultimately, the image that is created from this interaction reflects the sacredness of our human ability to translate this special and fleeting moment, and preserve it forever.

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