Moon Mountain Site Restoration

burned section of moon mountain park

Park is Open to the Public

Moon Mountain Park has reopened to the public as of Friday, July 28.

Parks staff assessed the official park trail for tree hazards, cleared and stabilized the trail, and reinstalled park boundary markers. Areas outside of the official trail system have not been evaluated for hazards and may contain very irregular ground and unstable trees.

The prairie and oak savanna that burned during July's wildfire is expected to recover. Regular fire is part of grassland ecosystems in the Willamette Valley. This wildfire was quick moving and likely benefitted the native habitat.

Parks and Open Space is requesting that everyone help in the recovery effort by staying on the official park trail and staying out of the burned areas. These areas are especially sensitive as they recover. Large wildflower patches will return if they are not trampled and the oak trees should also rebound as long as they aren't climbed.

Restoration planning is underway and work will begin this fall. A public tour hosted by Parks staff will be offered in September. Sign up for project updates and tour information

The cause of the fire has not been determined.

About Moon Mountain Park

Moon Mountain Park is an undeveloped natural area in Eugene’s Ridgeline Park system, located north of Coryell Ridge Park and south of Snowberry Road. Moon Mountain features wildflower-filled upland prairies, oak woodland, and conifer forests. The park also offers views of the confluence of the middle and coast forks of the Willamette River, Mount Pisgah, Coryell Ridge, the Laurel Hill Valley, and Spencer Butte.