Strategic Planning

undefined Opens in new windowThe City of Eugene Strategic Plan (PDF) provides overall direction and organizational focus for the 2023-2026 period. The plan was designed to position the organization to focus on issues identified by the community and the organization as top priorities and provides guidance for our programs and services, recognizing resource constraints. It is informed by the Eugene City Council’s Vision, Values, Goals document (PDF), which expresses the Council’s vision for the community, as well as by the most recent Community Survey results.

The Eugene City Council approved the direction outlined in the plan at their Work Session on July 26, 2023.

This website will continue to be updated as additional action planning and performance measures move forward.

For a printable overview of the Strategic Plan's Key Focus Areas, and the connection between the City Council outcomes and the strategic goals (as outlined below,) download the Strategic Plan Overview (PDF).

Key Focus Areas

Through a process of discovery and collaboration, the City of Eugene identified four key focus areas for this strategic plan.

Key Focus Areas

City Council Outcomes within Strategic Plan

The 2021 goals and outcomes created by City Council are shown below; outcomes in colored boxes are prioritized within this strategic plan period and are addressed within various goals and actions in the plan. Outcomes in uncolored boxes are addressed by ongoing organizational work, and are supported by the plans and processes listed in the Appendix.


Results statement created by Councilors and staff at the strategic planning retreat, Fall 2022

“The community is at an inflection point, facing urgent needs amidst unprecedented  uncertainty and challenge. We need to approach those needs in a new way. 

This team is passionate, capable, caring and innovative.  As public servants, we are responsible for delivering better results. We have the opportunity to meet our unique needs to build a safe community where everyone belongs. We can achieve this by  tapping the collective wisdom and talent of our  community to ensure clear direction, allocation of  resources, and better outcomes. 

People will want to stay and continue the journey.”