Eugene Police Cadet Program

What You Get Out of Being a Cadet

The Eugene Police Cadet Program provides a positive experience for young people who are interested in learning and developing skills that will assist them in whatever career they choose. Cadets become positive role models for their peers and young children. Members serve the community while gaining career development experience.

Law Enforcement Exploring

The Law Enforcement Exploring Program is a training program for young people who have an interest in a career in Law Enforcement. Members of the Eugene Police Cadet Program help the community, learn leadership skills and assist police officers. Through the Exploring Program, cadets gain experience by riding along with police officers, working in the 911 Communications Center, attending a 130-hour academy, helping with police training and more.

Cadets receive police-type training and use that training to compete against other posts at Explorer conferences nationwide. Members of the Eugene Police Cadet Program have received awards in firearms competition, building search, physical agility, suspicious persons and many more. This is an exciting and worthwhile program for many young persons interested in law enforcement.

Minimum Qualifications for Membership in the Cadet Post

  • Age 15 to 20 years
  • Currently in high school or possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Good moral character, never involved in any criminal activity
  • Possess a valid driver’s license or the ability to obtain one within six months

Application / Testing Process

Qualified applicants will be invited to take a written examination and oral interview. Applicants will undergo a complete background investigation before acceptance into the program.

Eugene Police Cadet Program Application

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