Street Markings and Striping


Bike Lane With Bike Illustration Pavement markings are installed to provide positive control guidance for the traveling public (pedestrians and bike riders) and are installed using national standards from the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices).

Marking Season and Methods of Installation

Marking season is warm dry weather, primarily from June to October. There are three methods of installation currently used by the PWM Traffic Maintenance team:

  1. Latex, lead free paint using an airless paint sprayer used for yellow curb, parking lots, and temporary markings
  2. Pre-form thermoplastic film is installed by hand using a propane torch for all wordage messages, bike symbols, arrows, crosswalks, and stop bars
  3. Long lines use spray thermoplastic for the skip lines, double yellow, bike lanes etc.

The Traffic Operations Section currently maintenance approximately 600 miles of roadway striping, 6,300 roadway legends, 1,425 marked crosswalks, and 1,775 stop bars.