Boards and Commissions

Eugene’s boards and commissions are resident advisory groups that provide an invaluable service to our city by advising City Council and/or City staff on a wide variety of subjects. Use the menu to the left to get more information on each group.

Apply Today!  Police Commission

Community members advising government on police policy, practices and resources as part of the public safety system. The Eugene Police Commission is a diverse, 12-member body that acts in an advisory capacity, created by the City Council in 1998.

Looking for diverse perspectives that can help the Police Commission further their priorities:

  1. Ensure that policies and procedures of Eugene Police Department protect the civil rights and liberties of everyone in Eugene.

  2. Promote policing that respects and reflects Eugene’s rich cultural diversity.

  3. Increase communications, understanding and trust between police and the people of Eugene.

  4. Encourage problem solving and partnerships between people, neighborhoods, other agencies and the police.

  5. Provide fair opportunities for the public and criminal justice experts to participate in the work of the Commission.

Currently there is one seat open for appointment.

Apply online through August 31, 2022 to serve on the Eugene Police Commission