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About the Eugene Police Department


The Eugene Police Department (EPD) is a progressive, professional law-enforcement agency that serves the city of Eugene, Oregon. In fulfillment of the public trust, the Eugene Police Department works in partnership with our community to promote safety and security, enforce laws, prevent crimes, and safeguard the constitutional rights of all people.


The department serves a city of more than 177,732 residents (2021) with about 385 employees and a budget of $81.2 million in FY23. About 223 sworn officers work in patrol, investigations, traffic enforcement and administrative positions.  While about 162 civilian employees work mostly in records, communications, crime prevention and administrative support positions.  In a typical day, Eugene police officers are dispatched to about 261 calls per day. This activity creates approximately 7,500 distinct criminal cases per year. 

Eugene police officers serve the community and are dispatched to about 261 calls per day.  There are approximately 223 sworn officers working patrol, investigations, traffic enforcement and administration.  The department is actively looking to fill a number of police officer positions, both from those with prior police experience and those interested in being trained in law enforcement to serve their community.



Are you qualified to be a Eugene Police Officer?

Entry Level: Minimum Requirements and Disqualifiers                   

  • 20.5 years of age or older at time of application.
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • No felony convictions. No Class A Misdemeanor convictions within 24 months of application.
  • Must be able to work various shifts; nights, weekends, and holidays. 
    • Officers assigned to a patrol team are currently working a 4/10 work schedule. 
  • Three years of full-time work or combination of college coursework, public contact/customer service, law enforcement related, military or social services experience. 
    • We encourage you to think broadly about your background and skill set for the role. EPD will consider an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience.
  •   A valid Oregon Drivers license, or ability to obtain by date of hire; must pass driving records check, and if hired, maintain a driving record that meets the City’s standard. 
    • Oregon law requires that an out of state license holder must obtain a valid Oregon license (with appropriate endorsements) within 30 days of becoming domiciled in the State (ORS 803.355). 
  • CPR certification within twelve (12) months of employment.
  • Must pass a police background investigation.
  • Emergency response time for a Eugene Police Officer requires reporting to work and being ready for duty within 45 minutes of notification.
  • Must meet State requirements including vision, hearing, and standards for basic certification as a law enforcement officer by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). 
  • Successful applicants will be required to sign a statement agreeing to refrain from using tobacco products while on duty.

Disqualifiers and Eliminating Factors for becoming a police officer in Oregon

The below list is not all-inclusive, it is meant as a guide. Please talk to our recruiter about any concerns.

You are not likely to be hired as a EUGENE Police Officer if:

  • Traffic record, police contacts, and accident report show a continuing or recent pattern of poor decision making.
  • You lie, omit, or misrepresent any information during your hiring process or background investigation. 
  • Personal life shows a history of poor judgment or refusal to confront problems.
  • Personal/Professional life shows a lack of experience with people from diverse backgrounds different from your own.
  • Recently or currently misrepresenting yourself or ignoring laws.
  • Provided controlled substances to others or have been involved in long-term criminal activity.
  • Work history shows a pattern of unexcused absences, discipline, or discharge.
  • Life activities (work, volunteer, hobbies) show little or no interest in serving the public or others.
  • People who know you have doubts about your honesty or character.

According to State & Federal Law - You cannot be a police officer in Oregon if:

  • You cannot obtain a valid driver's license in your state of residence.
  • You will not be a U.S. citizen within 18 months of being hired. NOTE: Citizenship application requires 5 years of residency.
  • You have been convicted of a Domestic Violence Assault.
  • You have been convicted of a felony.

Come Serve with Us!

The Eugene Police Department provides a critical service to the community of Eugene, Oregon.  This partnership provides safety and security, enforces laws, prevents crimes, and safeguards the constitutional rights of all people.  If you are interested in being a part of this team visit the current job openings webpage.

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