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Currently accepting applications for entry level police officers and lateral police officers: 

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Information/Lateral Police Officer Application

Recruitment and Employment

The City of Eugene values diversity in its work force and is committed to affirmative action. For more information, call 541-682-5061, and please keep checking the following site for future officer position postings, which are updated regularly. See City of Eugene Job Postings.

We have put together a Prezi, to help you better navigate the EPD hiring process. Click on the title EPD Officer Hiring Process to view a full-screen version on the Prezi website.

What are the qualifications to become a police officer?

The Eugene Police Department has recently switched from the Police Officer Physical Abilities Test to the Oregon Physical Abilities Test. Being hired as an officer in the City of Eugene requires that you pass the ORPAT.

The following links provide tips for preparing and passing the test:

Would you like to talk to someone on the Recruiting Team? Fill out a Recruiting Team Contact Form

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You can also request a ride-along to learn more about the challenges, risks and rewards of the police officer’s role in our community. Ride-alongs are not guaranteed and are based upon availability of officers. They can be subject to change due to public safety needs. In order to take a ride-along, you must meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the ride-along request form, which you will be asked to complete beforehand. If you are interested in this program, please email the Program Manager.