Virtual Safety Town

Welcome to Virtual Safety Town, where learning about safety is just a click away! Get ready for an exciting online adventure as we explore important safety skills from the comfort of your own home. Virtual Safety Town brings all the fun and knowledge of traditional Safety Town right to your screen. We'll dive into topics like pedestrian safety, traffic rules, fire safety, and much more. So put on your virtual learning hat and get ready to become a safety superstar from the convenience of your own home. Let's embark on this virtual journey together and gather the knowledge to stay safe and make smart choices in our everyday lives!

Eugene Safety Town

Hello, little detectives! Today, we're going to embark on an exciting adventure as we learn all about police officers and the important work they do to keep our community safe. We'll discover that police officers are our friends and helpers, and they wear special uniforms and badges. We'll learn about the different tools they use, like handcuffs and police cars, and how they use them to protect us. We'll also get a chance to ask questions and learn about the many ways police officers keep us safe, like directing traffic, solving mysteries, and being there when we need help.

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For fun when you and your child complete reviewing the information on this page, we have included a link to a certificate you can print off and write your child’s name on.