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About the Commission

Police commission members are volunteers who are nominated by the mayor and appointed by city council. If you are interested in applying for a position on the commission, please review the job description, which outlines general duties and knowledge requirements for members.  

Hawkins JensinaJensina Hawkins (Position 1), Vice-chair

As a Police Commissioner, Jensina Hawkins looks forward to facilitating meaningful conversations between law enforcement and the Eugene community. She grew up in a tiny coastal town where law enforcement officers are actual classmates, neighbors, and family members, not just faceless uniforms. As a Korean American woman, a Holt baby raised by white parents, wife of a Black man, and owner of a nationwide medical consulting practice, Jensina has been blessed to observe and experience an enormous spectrum of American culture. 

Jensina has worked in healthcare for 16 years, and she has lived in western Oregon nearly all her life. She serves on the board for Lane County Diaper Bank, and she and her husband are raising four children in the 4J school district. In her very rare free time, Jensina loves to cook, clean, organize, sew, and crochet.

Dr. Silky Booker
(Position 2)

       Dr. Silky J. Booker, (H.C.) honorably served fifteen years of meritorious military service, in the United States Air Force. He achieved his Associate of Arts in Business Management and his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. The United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI) then bestowed upon and accredited Dr. Booker with an Honorary Doctorate of Arts and Worship for his development of his philosophy of 400 years of existence, resistance, persistence, and coexistence, and ongoing commitment to educate, mentor and empower the community

     Dr. Booker's diverse background includes living in England for almost eight years where he worked as a top radio show host in the U.K. and entertainer in dozens of countries. After relocating to Eugene in 2017, Dr. Booker began broadcasting as King Silky for Kool 99.1.

      In May 2020, Dr. Booker established a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Oregon, known as “King Silky’s Blessing Boxes” during the Covid-19 global pandemic. The organization provides non-perishable food items and supplies to families facing food insecurity in Lane County.

      Dr. Booker has also expanded his humanitarian and philanthropic outreach efforts by founding and participating on a number of Board of Directors. From 2014 to present, Dr. Booker partnered with and sits on the Board of Directors alongside Dr. Melida A. Harris-Barrow, Peace Ambassador for Panama, and Founder of the 6th Region Global Chamber of Commerce.

      In November 2021, Dr. Booker was appointed as State Commissioner by the Governor to serve the people of Oregon and the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs (OCBA). He currently holds the Vice-Chair Position for OCBA. 

     Dr. Booker also founded and hosts a monthly Black Professionals Meet and Greet in Eugene that has continued to grow each month. 



Bonnie Dominguez
(Position 3) 

Bonnie Dominguez is using her research skills to analyze police policy and procedure language, to remove what she perceives to be any unnecessary vagueness that can harm the community and police. She intends to represent the entire community as best as she can. Due to her roots and connections, she understands that she can bring to the table the perspectives of the Spanish speaking community, environmentalists and the homeless (learn more about homelessness).

Bonnie grew up in the Eugene/Springfield area. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a Master of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Science in public relations. She is currently a designer at Campfire Collaborative. She researches architecture for extreme environments. She was formerly a community liaison intern for the tool sharing library, the ToolBox Project. There, she specialized in Spanish outreach. She speaks Spanish and some German. She was formerly an architectural  research assistant, and a biology lab preparation assistant at the University of Oregon. 

Bonnie can also be found on the Climate Equity and Resilience Task Force, which is headed by Beyond Toxics and the NAACP. They are working in partnership with Lane County to create a Climate Action Plan.


Bonnie Domínguez, está utilizando sus habilidades de investigación para analizar el lenguaje de la póliza y los procedimientos de la policía, para eliminar lo que ella percibe como cualquier vaguedad innecesaria que pueda dañar a la comunidad y la policía. Ella tiene la intención de representar a toda la comunidad lo mejor que pueda. Debido a sus raíces y conexiones, entiende que puede traer a la mesa las perspectivas de la comunidad que habla español, los ambientalistas y las personas sin hogar (aprenda más sobre personas sin hogar).

Bonnie creció en el área de Eugene / Springfield. Se graduó de la Universidad de Oregon con una Maestría en Arquitectura y una Licenciatura en Relaciones Públicas. Actualmente es diseñadora en Campfire Collaborative. Ella también investiga arquitectura para ambientes extremos. Anteriormente práctico enlace comunitario en la biblioteca para compartir herramientas, el ToolBox Project.  Allí ella se especializó en alcance en español. Habla español, y algo de alemán. Anteriormente fue asistente de investigación arquitectónica y asistente de preparación de laboratorio de biología en la Universidad de Oregon.

Bonnie también se puede encontrar en el Grupo de Trabajo de Equidad Climática y Resiliencia, que está dirigido por Beyond Toxics y la NAACP. Están trabajando en asociación con el condado de Lane para crear un Plan de Acción Climática.

Sean Shivers
(Position 4)

Sean Shivers has served on the police commission since 2017 and was chair from July 2019 through June 2021. He graduated from the University of Colorado in 2014 with a double major in political science and philosophy.

Since moving to Eugene in 2015 Sean has worked with diverse community stakeholders including the business community, the homeless community, unions, and multiple local campaigns giving him a broad understanding of the many facets of Eugene’s culture.

Sean’s priority on the police commission is to: “Increase public participation and ensure that folks’ understand the existing system of police accountability, as well as contribute to the improvements that Eugene continues to lead the way on.”

Dallas Boggs

 (Position 5), Chair

Dallas Boggs

Dallas A. Boggs graduated from Mannheim American High School, Germany in 1984, then attended Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA, and majored in Public Administration. After transferring to the University of Oregon, Boggs started working at Brenner's Furniture as a Delivery Driver. Boggs went from Delivery Driver to General Manager. Boggs then worked as a General Manager for Palm Harbor Homes for 2 years in Coburg, OR then 6 years in Millersburg, OR the Flagship Store. While at Millersburg the store was #2 Company-Wide (2008). Boggs returned to Downtown Eugene as a Co-Owner of Brenner's Furniture for 4 years then back to Millersburg, OR as General Manager of Homes Direct for a year. Currently, Boggs works in Sales at Brenner's Furniture and is on the Board of Directors at Sponsor's Inc. Boggs has Volunteered his time in Lane County serving as a Former President Mid-Oregon Executive Association, Member African American Community Coalition, Committee member of Ducks Unlimited South Lane County, 2015 & 2023 Judge Miss Lane County Scholarship Pageant, Founder Black Professionals Eugene/Springfield on  Facebook, 5th year Ambassador raising money for Men Wear Pink of Lane County (American Cancer Society). Boggs is a widower and proud father of Jada Boggs, a Junior Animal Science Major at Cornell University, Ithaca NY.

William Parham(Position 6)



Commissioner Parham graduated Cum Laude from California State University of Long Beach with a BA in political science and an emphasis in law. After college, Commissioner Parham spent time working with attorneys providing expert witnesses and helping build cases in civil litigation. Commissioner Parham would later find themselves in Seattle, Washington, where they became a stake holder in local community politics, and worked with city leaders to craft and devise a trauma informed care initiative. Through their work with the unhoused and marginalized communities Commissioner Parham found their calling and created a non profit called AEO. Commissioner Parham also learned the value of transformative justice and restorative justice practices while being involved in a transformational justice collective in Seattle called Liberation through Conflict.  


In November 2021, Commissioner Parham relocated to Eugene where they began work with White Bird servicing the houseless population of Eugene. Currently, Commissioner Parham works with African American communities world wide providing healing circle services as a healing service facilitator and provides unique opportunities for youth offenders, and members of communities that have been required to receive drug treatment. When Commissioner Parham isn't trying to make the world a better place, they enjoy time in nature, hip hop music, and their dog Layla Bell.

(Position 7/Vacant)

Silverio Mogart
(Position 8)

Silverio Mogart

Silverio Mogart has lived in Eugene since 2004. He attended Lane Community College and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon. Mr. Mogart has been on the Police Commission since August of 2016. He also serves on the Lane County Community Health Council and the Trillium Community Advisory Council. 

Scott Lemons
(Position 9)

Scott Lemons

Scott Lemons is a disability advocate and mental health professional with a decade of dedicated involvement in Eugene-area public policy. He is currently the Program Coordinator and Peer Support Specialist at Lane Independent Living Alliance (LILA) and represents underserved and marginalized communities on several community advisory boards.

Behind his empathetic leadership lies a wealth of lived experience - as an unhoused youth he had to personally navigate systems that leave many in our society perpetually falling through the cracks. He now helps to alleviate what suffering he can by empowering and assisting others with accessing and navigating resources to secure equitable and affordable housing, ADA accommodations, trauma-informed care and more.


A University of Oregon alum, Scott received his Bachelors in Psychology, a minor in Public Policy Planning and Management, and a concentration in Substance Abuse Prevention Program. He also acted as the Assistant Outreach Director of the UO’s Accessible Education Center. 


Disability advocacy is intersectional of course, and Scott served as the Co-Founder and Hub Coordinator of Sunrise Eugene and was the former President of the Cascadia Action Network. In addition to the Police Commission, you can also find Scott on the CAHOOTS Stewardship Council, PeaceHealth’s Client Voices Advocate Board, the City of Eugene’s Equity Panel, as well as the Human Rights Commission.

Alan Leiman
(Position 10)

Alan Leiman has a Eugene based law practice focused on representing employees in labor and employment matters throughout Oregon.  Since 2011 he has also served as the Municipal Judge in Veneta.  Alan previously worked as an Associate Eugene Municipal Court Judge, and as the Eugene City Prosecutor.  He was an Assistant Public Defender in Miami, Florida before moving to Eugene in 1998.  Alan was appointed to the Eugene Civilian Review Board in 2021, and serves as the CRB’s liaison to the Police Commission.  

Jennifer Yeh
(Position 11)

Jennifer Yeh, Ward 4

Alan Zelenka
(Position 12)

Alan Zelenka, Ward 3