Public Information

EPD Public Information Office (PIO)

We coordinate and implement our department’s public information and community relations efforts. Melinda McLaughlin, APR, is the full-time public information officer for the department. She is supported by Public Information Coordinator Michael Rea, and by Central Lane 911 and Watch Commanders to ensure 24-hour coverage of breaking news. One goal of the office is to provide connection between media and the staff member most connected with an incident or topic. We work closely with members of every other Eugene Police unit to provide accurate and timely information.

Media relations are a primary duty of the Public Information Office. The PIO staff media relations duties include the following:

  • Provide round-the-clock information contact point for local, regional and national media, including news conferences and briefings
  • Facilitate interviews between media and our department’s employees
  • EPD Digital News service - raw footage and interview delivery to media
  • Social Media and website for department and its services
  • Prepare and distribute our department’s news releases, 24/7 availability
  • Production - video, web, print, audio
  • Crisis communications
  • Respond to emergency incidents for media management
  • Develop and manage Social Media, Webpages, and publications production
  • Event management
  • Marketing and outreach support for all divisions
  • Media public records requests
  • Public service announcements

Contact Us

Director: Melinda McLaughlin, APR, 541-968-0497