What is the Land Supply Model?

Staff has developed a geospatial model that categorizes all the land in the study area in order to determine which land is developable and to what degree. There are three categories of land that we removed from consideration for future urbanization: Protected, Committed, and fully developed. In total, approximately 15,000 acres of land in the study area were excluded from further analysis, as they are not considered to have future development potential. Approximately 42 percent of the study area has development potential – on partially vacant and undeveloped taxlots. An immense amount of detail is included in the model, and more information can be found on the Urban Reserves project page.

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1. How was the Urban Reserves Study Area determined?
2. What is the Land Supply Model?
3. What types of land are considered ‘natural resource and natural hazard’ and ‘occupied’?
4. If land is categorized as ‘occupied,’ does that mean it is protected from future development?
5. What do the priority categories in the Study Area mean?
6. Did you consider things like existing road conditions and future traffic in your analysis?
7. What else was considered in the suitability analysis?
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