When could the construction occur?
Projects involving irrevocable petitions are usually initiated when a need for the improvement exists -- such as safety considerations, alternative mode needs to serve the area, and failure of the existing roadbed.
Improvements proposed on or near a major street such as an arterial or collector street are outlined in the bi-annual Capital Improvement Program (CIP) or the capital budget. A copy of the current CIP may be obtained by calling Public Works Engineering at 541-682-5291.
Improvements on a local or low-volume street are typically initiated by a property owner petition. Property owners supporting or objecting to a proposed project may sign a petition. Properties with irrevocable petitions are considered to be supportive of the improvement and cannot remonstrate. The design and construction of a project will begin only when properties representing over 50% of the assessable project costs support the project.

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1. What is an irrevocable petition (IP)?
2. What types of projects are associated with an IP?
3. How can I get a copy of the petition?
4. When could the construction occur?
5. What if I don’t want the proposed improvement?
6. How will I know about any public meetings concerning a proposed project?
7. How do I pay for the improvements?