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1. Why did Council approve an ordinance? Why did the Plan need to be amended?
2. What is a spending limit? What have downtown urban renewal funds been spent on? What is the new spending limit?
3. If the spending limit approved by Council on June 13 is $19.4 million, why did the public notice list $48 million?
4. How does the Downtown Urban Renewal District impact local schools ?
5. What schools are included? Does it include rural schools?
6. Why did the public hearing notice say that it won’t impose a new tax AND that taxes may go up?
7. Why were no dollar amounts are listed for the four proposed UR downtown projects in the public hearing notice?
8. Does the redistribution of tax revenue impact rural property taxes---rates or amounts?
9. The Public Hearing Notice indicates that the high-speed fiber network will benefit the 4J and Bethel school districts. How will this occur if their facilities are not in the Downtown District?
10. What downtown sites, other than the Park Blocks along 8th Avenue, are being considered for the Farmer’s Market and are those areas within the Downtown Urban Renewal District?
11. What entities support the amendment?